We believe in variety that's the reazon that our menu have a combinations of mediterranean salads and sandwiches, and a couple of italian pastas, and the delicious Latin colombian Food.  



Our chefs have and experience of 20 years, in mediterranean, italian, french, colombian, and international cuisine

Experience You Can Trust

Your are welcome to our two locations to have an expirience whit the delicious colombia flavors.

Visit us at Brickell area.

La Moon Restaurant


 This friendly Colombian joint, half neighborhood restaurant, half late night hangout, is the last stop for hungry Little Havana and Brickell Village clubgoers in need of sustenance at the end of a long night. Is open till 6 a.m. Thursday through Saturday, but its low prices and tasty, substantial food also attract young Latino families earlier in the evening and office workers at lunchtime. For that hangover-taming 5 a.m. refill, there are a variety of Colombian arepas or corn pancakes (the crispy, savory variety, not the soft, sweet kind sold at street festivals). They're filled with cheese, to which you can add chicken, ham, sausage, bacon, even blood sausage or chicharrones (fried pork rind). Top your perros Colombianos (Colombian hot dogs) with sausage, quail egg or cheese and your choice of five sauces. There are generous plates of grilled beef and pork, including the unofficial national dish, bandeja paisa, with rice, red beans, grilled steak, plantains, sausage and more. You can get a whole fried fish with rice, beans, salad and plantains or more urban offerings like pan-seared salmon with mango salsa or crusted sesame tuna. Cut the grease with a batido, a fresh fruit-shake with or without milk, whether mango, black berry or passion fruit . Miami Herald - August 20, 2009

      La Moon Brickell                    

our original and exclusive recipies give you a new flavors expirience